Question: “Is CBD legal?”

There is no need for a Prescription or Medical card to purchase CBD. It is a natural constituent of the Industrial Hemp plant containing very low levels of THC. Having only trace amounts of THC, our CBD oil is non-psychoactive and federally legal. In fact, the FDA considers hemp oil to be a nutritional supplement.

Question: “How hemp is different?”

Although hemp comes from the Cannabis sativa L plant, it serves a different purpose than it’s cousin plant. Industrial Hemp is cultivated for its fiber and has an extremely high content of CBD and almost untraceable amounts of THC. Hemp has been grown for thousands of years worldwide for many medicinal and industrial purposes making necessary items like clothing, sails, rope, paper, nutritional supplements and thousands of other products. On the other hand, it’s cousin plant contains very low traces of CBD and high amounts of THC, which carries the psychoactive part of the flowers and trichomes that people often associate with feeling “high”. Again, CBD has an almost untraceable amount of THC and does not make you feel “high”.

Question: “Will I pass a drug screen or test using CBD products?”


The hemp oil in our product contains CBD which is a federally LEGAL cannabinoid from hemp. It contains minuscule amounts (parts per billion) of THC that COULD show up in a drug screen. Hemp Hookhazz cannot guarantee that you will or will not pass a drug screen due to the number of variables. Our supplements contain less than .3% THC, but the general rule is that it is equal to or less than 1%. Drug screens vary and some can be more sensitive than others. If you have to take a drug test, it is best to not use our product.

Question: “Is there a minimum order quantity?”


There is no minimum order

Question: “How long does shipping take?”


We will send product by USPS Priority Mail or Fed Ex. 1-day, 2- day, 3-day and Ground FedEx shipment are available, if requested.

Question: “How much does shipping cost?”


  • Domestic standard shipping & handling cost is $8.99 per orders ~10 items or less (*weight restrictions apply).
  • We also offer $12.99 shipping and handling for larger domestic orders and provide quotes for express/overnight shipping
  • You will be notified if the cost of shipping if standard shipping does not apply.

Question: “How do I order?”


Simply add the desired product to the cart. There you can place your order as a guest or create an account for more convenience on future purchases. Fill in the form, select and click “Place Order” to make a purchase.